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Bob Scolten, WERA West Series RacerBob Scholten
WERA West Series Rider
California USA

RDS Racing is the team name for Bob Scholten who raced his first provisional novice race on Sept 11th, 2011 and won 1st place in the senior 40 class and a 3rd in SB HW.

"I wish I started when I was 20 years old" said Bob, shortly after winning his first victory, "I am rekindling a dream of my youth - I am dedicating a small fortune to a big dream and having loads of fun in the process!"

Bob has demonstrated consistently sharp skills with this new roadracing passion, and helping him along is a very competitive bike to campaign this upcoming season (See photo, left inset). Bob also frequently serves as Race Chaplin at various event days at tracks all over California and surrounding areas. Chances are you'll find him in the pits on any given weekend at one of a half-dozen tracks sporting the #745 plate.

HOT LAP RDS RACING NEWS : We just received confirmation Bob Scholten has been invited to appear on a new reality TV series called HOT LAP "The first motorcycle racing game show made for television" which begins filming in 2012!

Bob is helping to arrange the California group of race tracks for the show and has been named "The Official Ambassador of All Challengers" by the show's producer and host.

Bob was the very first person to sign up to the show internet casting call and has been invited to appear as a challenger during season one featuring several tracks in California. HOT LAP is an unscripted reality TV show based on motorcycle lapping at the best race tracks in the USA, UK and Canada.

The all-Canadian cast of riders are coming down to California to challenge us locals to a fastest lap contest, on our own turf!

But get ready for this: Word is they've attracted legendary 7 time Canadian Superbike Champion Jordan Szoke as their team coach for the season, so it promises to be a good set of track days, and hopefully a huge hit show!   Visit: hotlaptv.com for more information.

*To register as a rider for the chance to appear on the show*
Click here: http://hotlaptv.com/riders/ucp.php?mode=register

Team RDS RacingAbout Bob Scholten

Bob has been happily married 21 years and has 5 great kids, Jake 17, Lexi 15, Dean, Dylan and Drew 11 (yes triplets!) After just a year of track days, Bob signed up with WERA in 2011.

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