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HOT LAP Releases Official Episode 1 Trailer

Monday May 12, 2014 (Toronto) – HOT LAP is pleased today to announce the release of its Epsiode 1 series trailer and preview video reel now available on YouTube. To view the HOT LAP EP1 trailer video visit: the preview running time is 6 mins and 30 seconds.

“HOT LAP has been a difficult project to find network TV support, as it's considered 'too niche' so we're now making the move to a branded digital series” says Andrew Shaw, creator of the project. "The release of EP1 to the public will determine the viability of the concept, and I am confident the material speaks for itself."

In a previous release the production had announced a delay of the USA series of race tracks.

The HOT LAP pilot episode was filmed with Pro6 Cycles Inc. at Calabogie Motorsports Park May 12-15, 2012. Ten challengers who competed during the event appear in the trailer video clip, including a female rider as a featured action segment. The clip includes three dramatiic crashes plus a special guest appearance from Jordan Szoke, Canadian Superbike Champion as team coach.



A Story by Andrew Shaw, Editor Dani Stern


It has been said that getting there is half the fun. If that were the case, then it would be foolish to ignore the five hours that we spent driving Canada's highways from the big city of Toronto to a quaint, but otherwise unremarkable, dot on the map called Calabogie.

On the way there, as night fell and streetlights were no longer existent, we dodged three deer, a porcupine and a family of racoons. And those were just the ones on the road. Glowing eyes and fast moving foxes, dotted the tree-line for the last twenty miles of country roads. After all, we were no longer in Kansas, Toto. We were almost in Calabogie, a mystical track with an unusual name that sounds like a distant cousin of a Sasquatch or Yeti. Calabogie – the word rolls off the tongue easily enough, but without some context, I'll admit, it is a bit of a strange sounding name.

When you meet people who have ridden at Calabogie Motorsports Park, their eyes instantly light up with a maniacal glint at the mere mention of the name. It's actually an involuntary reaction – similar to twitching, caused by muscle memory of prolonged shock therapy sessions... or how one would react when asked to recall a close encounter with Bigfoot. This is usually followed by a long and involved story about their experiences with every turn, bump and straightaway at the track.



Notice of Event Re-Scheduling; Shannonville
Thursday June 14, 2012

Attention All HOT LAP Registered Riders; The one-day HOT LAP time trials event planned for Shannonville Thursday June 14, 2012 has officially been scrubbed. HOT LAP is re-scheduling to a later date with Riders Choice to ensure their participation in the show.For production purposes it was decided to forgo this mid-week single day event to open up the schedule for a future multi-day event required for full-episode filming. READ MORE

Calabogie Motorsports Park May 12-15 2012: Episode One Picture Gallery

Photo Gallery Hot Lap at Calabogie Motorsports Park

Great News! The photo catalogue from the shooting of HOT LAP episode 1 is finally available to the public! We shot over 2500 still photos in high resolution so it took a while to edit down to these final four galleries. If you're looking for high-resolution copies please contact Warren M. Keefe the official show photographer.


HOT LAP Motorcycle Television Show Teams Up with

Wednesday March 27th, 2012 (Toronto) – HOT LAP, the new reality television game show featuring motorcycle track day riders is pleased to announce a social media partnership with (ESR) is a new breed of motorcycle community. Combining the best of today's social web with useful features tailored to motorcycle enthusiasts of all types, ESR is an open platform for the exchange of everything motorcycle.  READ MORE


HOT LAP Reality TV Show Inks Deal With ProTrack Guides LLC, Featuring Chris Peris

Spring Motorcycle ShowWednesday, March 14th, 2012 (Toronto) – HOT LAP, the new reality television game show featuring motorcycle track day riders is pleased to announce a technology partnership with the Chris Peris Riding School and the ProTrack Guides SES RaceLine offering.

Under the terms of the agreement, HOT LAP cast members will be utilizing highly advanced, portable and compact QStarz GPS data logging units powered the patent pending ProTrack Guides GPS data logging system for race track riders. The system from ProTrack Guides is called SES RaceLine. This will aid in deep rider analysis for coaching and training.



HOT LAP Television Show Casting Call at the Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show

Spring Motorcycle ShowTuesday, February 28th, 2012 (Toronto) – HOT LAP, the motorcycle reality television show, is holding a casting call at the Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show. The television show is looking for track day riders who want to participate in filming the fastest and most famous racetracks from Canada to California. The Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show plays host to the HOT LAP casting call event at the International Centre, March 17-18, 2012.

This groundbreaking reality TV series is the first ever motorcycle racing game show where two brothers and two friends take on local challengers on some of the world’s best racetracks. Each episode has an interesting twist, as the HOT LAP team challenges ten local riders to a hot lap contest. The fastest rider, who beats the HOT LAP team’s best lap time, gets a ticket to the Grand Finale event in California for a chance to race and WIN a FREE bike! READ MORE


HOT LAP Reality TV Show Announces Second Episode at Shannonville with RIDERS CHOICE


February 27, 2012 (Toronto, Canada) - HOT LAP, the new motorcycle racing reality TV game show, is pleased to announce RIDERS CHOICE of Ontario, Canada as the host organization for the on-track filming of episode two of the thirteen part made-for-television series.

Season one of the HOT LAP show follows brothers Andy and Steve and their best friends Matt and Derek as they race from Canada to California on ten of the world’s fastest racetracks, for the fastest lap. In each episode the team challenges local riders for a chance to win a ticket to the grand finale episode in California and a race for free bike.


PRO6 CYCLE INC.HOT LAP Reality TV Show Announces First Episode
with PRO 6 Cycles Inc.

Monday, February 6th, 2012 (Toronto, Canada) - HOT LAP, the new motorcycle racing reality TV game show, is pleased to announce PRO 6 CYCLE Inc. of Ontario, Canada as the host organization for the on-track filming of episode one of the thirteen-part made-for television series.

This ground breaking international series begins filming at Calabogie Motorsports Park, Canada, May 12-15th 2012 with PRO 6 CYCLE Inc. Track day riders who wish to attend the event as challengers must pre-register for the track day(s) with PRO 6 CYCLE Inc.



Bob Scholten, RDS Racing partners with HOT LAP
for California Episodes

Team RDS  RacingDec 31, 2011 (Toronto, Canada) - Congratulations to Bob Scholten of RDS Racing, California USA - Bob has been named "The Official Ambassador of All Challengers" by the producer and host of HOT LAP Andrew Shaw.

Bob Schotlten and RDS Racing are helping co-ordinate the track arrangements for the California group of race tracks scheduled for the grand finale episode of HOT LAP, the new Reality TV show.

Bob was actually the first challenger ever to sign up for HOT LAP, which now boasts over 500 registered riders. California is currently open for riders to register as challengers on the show... READ MORE


Jordan Szoke Joins Cast of Motorcycle Reality TV Show

Jordan Szoke joins HOT LAP as cast member

Saturday, December 09, 2011 (Toronto, Canada)- Today at the Toronto Motorcycle Show HOT LAP announced Jordan Szoke as its newest cast member. Szoke will be appearing as Team Coach and Technical Advisor for the production, which starts filming at the most famous racetracks across North America in 2012.

“HOT LAP is a great concept for a motorcycle television reality show,” says Jordan. “I am looking forward to coaching the team to win on the most challenging race tracks in the world.” READ MORE


HOT LAP Motorcycle Game Show Partners with

GTA MotorcycleMonday, November 14th, 2011 (Toronto) – HOT LAP, the new reality television game show that pits amateur sport bike riders against a cast of amateur track day riders is pleased to announce a media partnership with one of Canada’s largest online motorcycle forums, HOTLAP and are cross promoting the TV show and rider community to manufacturers, enthusiasts and potential sponsors at the December’s Toronto Motorcycle Show, Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Furthermore, HOTLAP and are both attending the International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW at the International Centre in Toronto, January 6-8, 2012 during the filming of the HOT LAP launch event. READ MORE


New Sport Bike Racing Television Show Launches Production at Motorcycle SUPERSHOW

Rider Casting Call LinkMonday, September 26th, 2011 (Toronto) – Every amateur sport bike rider longs to see how far he can push his motorcycle and his own skills. A new television show, HOT LAP, gives amateur riders a chance to race at ten of the fastest tracks in North America. Featuring amateur riders the series is the first motorcycle racing game show where challengers race for the fastest lap of the day to win a ticket to attend the season grand finale episode. This unscripted reality TV production launches at the North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW in January 2012. READ MORE

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